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Who are We?

Ecclesiastes 7:8, Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof, and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.


Your character is your personality.  Your character has many characteristics, which are different qualities, good or bad, that make up the person you are and the combination of those characteristics is what makes each person unique or different from every other person on earth.


We build our character by the choices we make.  Let’s take the characteristic kindness.  Each time you choose to do something kind, it strengthens that characteristic and you become a kinder person.  This makes you even more likely to be kind the next time the choice of whether to be kind or not is presented to you.  Remember, Jesus said if we use the talents that He gave us, we would be given even more.


Jesus gave us a New Commandment in the New Testament (Hebrew Root believers mock that saying it’s not a new commandment but one from the Old Testament) which is LOVE, John 13:34 – 35.  With that in mind definitely being a loving person is a characteristic you’ll want to develop.  When you have love, it’s a lot easier to build all the other good characteristics because God Is Love, and with God in you, nothing is impossible 1John 4:16.


Another characteristic is HONESTY, honesty is sharing TRUTH.  Jesus said the truth shall set you free, John 8:32.  How does the truth set you free?  Think about it, if you tell the truth, you never have to be imprisoned by a lie, having to keep track of things you said or always being on guard to make sure nobody ever finds out about it.  You never have to worry about anything.  Most times you’ll have to tell another lie to cover the other lie and so on.  Remember, the devil is the father of all liars, John 8:44.  Being honest is one of the Ten Commandments, Exodus 20:16.  What is false witness but telling lies about another!


Your ATTITUDE is another very important part of your characteristic.  Your attitude is the way you feel about something.  Being optimistic is a good attitude to have.  Why?  Because it chases away fear and fear comes from the devil, Proverbs 29:25.  Do you look for the good in people or circumstances or do you usually expect the worst?  Remember, what you believe, you receive, so if you expect the best, what is likely to happen?  Search for the good qualities in others and not the worst.  Point out there good points and compliment them in front of other people.  They will be proud that you noticed their good qualities and encourage them to exhibit those characteristics in themselves more often.  Remember, the more they use those good gifts the Lord gave them the more good they will receive.  By doing this, you’re planting good seeds and God will make them grow.  Not only does your attitude affect you but it affects others too.  A good attitude is contagious but so is a bad attitude.  If you want to be a Christ-lie example to others, a good attitude REPRESENTS Jesus!


Know that a bad attitude can affect others and an example is say someone asks you to do something and you really don’t want to because you want to do something else or just do nothing.  That person reminds you of all the things they’ve done for you and so on.  You get angry and they are angry so now everyone has a bad attitude.  Life isn’t all about what we want to do, when we want to do it, even though we’d like for it to be that way most times, Luke 12:48.   God has given you the gift of being called so you are expected to be more responsible than others.  That responsibility includes things like sacrifice when you may not feel like giving, kindness when others may not be kind to you, selflessness when others are being selfish, strength when you feel weak, forgiveness when you’ve been insulted or hurt or sinned against, love when you are hated, patience when you feel like you can’t wait for something, kindness when others are unkind to you, enthusiasm when others don’t care, eagerness when others are lazy and love when people are being hateful.  As a shepherd, you are extraordinary and you are expected to act like it.  We’ve all heard the phrase ‘mind over matter’ before.  That’s the ability to control your thoughts about something even when it’s something that would cause the average person to be emotional about it.  All these examples just read are about ‘mind over matter’.  With a Christ-like mind, no matter what the matter is, you can control your attitude about it and act on it with a Christ-like response.  Each and every day of our lives, our character will be tested by the world.  We’re also being tested by God, to see if we’re worthy of the everlasting life that He promises to us as a Christian.  Everyday is a new day and new and different challenges will come about to see if we handle them with Godly character.


We are not suppose to judge other people (in the flesh 1Corinthians 2:15) but we are suppose to be a good judge of character.  This means that we should be able to tell by the way a person talks and acts, if they are someone we want to associate with.  We become what we surround ourselves with!


So who are we?


Let Scientist and Evolutionist tell it, there were the Big Bang and Evolution theories!  You know, where a fire ball or something exploded creating all planets and galaxies in the universe and something from the water started walking on land and became a monkey and then eventually became humans.  Maybe you came from ape or monkey but I certainly didn’t nor any of my family members for that matter.  How come Scientist believe, this theory but God doesn’t.  How come Evolutionist believe, their theory but God doesn’t.  How come there are still monkeys or apes today?  What happened, some of the monkeys didn’t know how to evolve into humans or something!  It’s pretty ignorant on their part if you ask me.  God says it better!  Look what Paul told Timothy about science in 1Timothy 6:20 -21.  What about what God says in 1Corinthians 3:18 20 or Job 5:13 and again in Psalms 94:11.


There isn’t a book, theory or scientific fact/theory than can explain our existence, our creation, our purpose and who we are, better than the bible does.  But without faith in our Creator and His works, the reason for our existence will always escape us and leave us searching for answers.  Seems like mankind is always seeking a better reason than God for our existence!  The truth is the reason we’re here alive on this earth is to glorify our Creator.  We were created by God and we are in the image of God, Genesis 1:26.  What are our image and our likeness about?  When we look at Who God is then it will be easier to identify who we are.  He is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit!  Let us not allow our unlimited understanding to get in the way and cause doubt as to deny the TRUTH!  1John 5:7, There are three that bear record in Heaven, the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost: and THESE THREE ARE ONE.  This is called the Holy Trinity.  He is one God, in three divine parts.  When God said, Let us make man in OUR image, He was talking to Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  How then are we made in God’s image and what does that mean?  1John 5:8 says, And there are three that bare witness IN EARTH, the spirit, the water and the blood: and these THREE AGREE IN ONE.  So we as humans are made of three parts or depths.  Spirit, Water and Blood!  The WATER represents the Body.  The human body is made up mostly of water.  The BLOOD represents the Soul.  DNA in blood is used to identify a specific person, Leviticus 17:11.  God breathed in man’s nostrils the breath of life (spirit), Genesis 2:7 and Genesis 7:22.  Our Body returns to dust, Genesis 3:19, our Spirit, returns to God, Ecclesiastes 12:7 and when the righteous dies, their Soul goes to Abrahams Bosom, Luke 16:22 but the unrighteous Soul goes to Hell, Luke 16:22 – 24.  Why did God create us, the answer is TO Glorify Him, Isaiah 43:7 and 1Corinthians 6:19.   Notice that we (our Soul) is directed by God to Glorify God with our Body and our Spirit which BELONG TO GOD.


Fame and Fortune


There are other things that try and influence people to try and change who they are or “find” a different self than the one they’ve been created to be.  These worldly deceptions are called SELF and PRIDE.  People long to be famous, to be recognized and to be noticed.  We admire anyone that we call a celebrity.  Anyone that has done what we call ‘made a name for themselves’.  Ask yourself as a Christian, how many famous people have chosen their professions to give glory to God through their work?  How many times have we looked at them and thought to ourselves what godly men/women they are?  But we put them on a pedestal and look up to them and so do our children.  The sad thing is these people influence the world.  Do you want God to remember you for the worldly fame you did or for the glory that you brought to Him through the gifts that He gave to you?  God gives gifts, 1Corinthians 12!  Special talents that are meant to glorify Him.  Some of us say I follow good but I am nothing and no talents to speak of.  This makes you a prime candidate for God service, 1Corinthians 1:26 – 31.  At the Last Supper, Jesus washed the feet of His Apostles and said, John13:12 – 15.  With this attitude you move from living in your own will to living the will of God, 1John 5:14 – 15.  Remember when God appeared to Solomon in a dream and asked him what ever he asked for God would give it to him.  Solomon asked in, 1Kings 3:9.  God was so pleased in Solomon’s unselfish request that would honor the Lord that He not only made Solomon the wisest man to ever live but gave him fame and fortune as well!


Once you realize who you are and what you’re meant to be, there will be times that you will FALL DOWN.  That doesn’t mean that you are doomed to hell.  The thing is to repent, ask forgiveness and move on in GOD’S GRACE.  Who are we?  We are the image of God and we should reflect Him…For His Glory!  God bless you.


Acknowledgments to Christian Oasis website.


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